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POPS is an exploration of fatherhood as experienced by African American men. If you have interesting info, parenting experiences or entertaining content please post it and tag #BlackDadJoy #PopsLife and @popswebseries to be featured.




Episodes will post weekly here and on the Indie Lens Storycast Docs Youtube Channel.


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  • MADAMENOIRE Oct 21, 2017

    No Rolling Stones Over Here: PBS Series “POPS” Highlights The Beauty Of Black Fatherhood.

    It’s funny how many of my friends over the years have told me that my Dad was a father-figure for them since so many of them grew up in households without a father present. When women share with me their frustrations and disappointments with black men, while I sympathize with them I can’t exactly relate because fortunately I’ve always been surrounded by black men who were great fathers, sons and spouses. PBS has recently taken the opportunity to showcase black men in a role that too many women unfortunately only see regularly on sitcoms like 'Blackish' or 'The Cosby Show'.

  • By Taryn Finley Sep 26, 2017

    A new docuseries is exploring the real life experiences of black fathers in America.

    “Pops,” an 11-part PBS series, features three black families with different backgrounds. The project follows the fathers ― activist Shaka Senghor, social media sensation LaGuardia Cross and same-sex couple Chris and Shelton Stroman-Inniss ― throughout the course of a year.

    The series, created and directed by Garland McLaurin, is intended to dispel myths about black fatherhood and to encourage black dads to reclaim their narratives.

  • BY SHANTELL E. JAMISON Oct 17, 2017

    A new PBS docuseries is seeking to shed light on authentic Black fatherhood. POPS: Fatherhood, the Untold Story is set to premiere on PBS/Indie Lens Storycast on Oct. 26. The 11-part series was produced and directed by Peabody award-winning filmmaker Garland McLaurin. It tells three stories of African-American dads who come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. All of the subjects are “deeply engaged in the beautiful struggle of fatherhood,” according to a press release sent to EBONY announcing the documentary.

  • Garland McLaurin Oct 31, 2017

    I just finished Pops, an 11-episode web series for ITVS Digital. It was an incredible experience and honor to follow fathers on their parenting journeys. We live in uncertain times, with cuts to public media threatened year to year. Arts funding is in short supply while a slew of talented professionals scramble to keep their life’s work relevant.

  • Jason Dailey Nov 2, 2017

    BroTalkLive, interviewed director of "Pops" about the series and fatherhood.

  • Trey Mangum Nov 10, 2017

    POPS: Fatherhood, the Untold Story is 11-part documentary web series about black fatherhood. The series launched on PBS/Indie Lens Storycast. It is produced and directed by Peabody award-winning filmmaker Garland McLaurin POPS sheds light on black fatherhood through the stories of four African-American dads:

    • La Guardia Cross, a new father who must balance his career as a YouTuber—chronicling his journey as a new dad—with his wife’s postpartum depression.
    • Shaka Senghor, a formerly incarcerated, best-selling author striving to make a difference for others like him while being present for his toddler son.
    • Christopher Inniss and Shelton Stroman, a gay couple grappling with the challenges of guiding their adopted son into his teenage years.

  • Danielle Tills Nov 13, 2017

    Join us at Hollywood Breakthrough Show, as we interview some of the most talented people in the business, which names you may, or may not know!

  • Sameer Rao Nov 1, 2017

    5 Questions with Garland McLaurin About His New Docuseries on Black 'Pops'

    We spoke with the Peabody Award-winning filmmaker about the web series, which explores the ups and downs faced by four very different fathers.