La Guardia Cross Jr., is an online sensation. His YouTube show “New Fatherhood Chronicles” is a fast-growing and influential social network with thousands of followers and millions of views.

POPS follows La Guardia as he grapples with the reality of being a new father to his newborn Amalah and a supportive husband to his wife Leah. La Guardia learns to balance his burgeoning career with his family responsibilities through trial and error.

La Guardia's episodes present an opportunity to learn about and explore the following themes:

  • Parenting a newborn
  • Work Family Life Balance
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • New Fatherhood
  • Race
  • Parenting a newborn
  • Marriage

Follow La Guardia at http://www.laguardiacross.com/ and on social media!

Facebook: @iamlaguardiacross

Twitter & Instagram: @laguardiacross